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The blog “Drsusan90210” is intended for people who want to improve their appearance and look beautiful and healthy.

The blog publishes materials with step-by-step programs and instructions on how to pump up a particular muscle, advice on proper nutrition, motivation to lose weight and exercise, as well as contests for all readers are held on the site. I advise you to subscribe to updates so as not to miss new materials and contests)

I specifically decided to start blogging to help people get things done. Many have been practicing for more than a year, but everyone is marking time in one place and cannot get off the ground. What do you ask? I’ll answer you, first of all, learn to motivate yourself so that sport will enter your life and become an integral part of it, and my articles aimed at motivation will help you with this, which will make you get up off the couch and give you a good kick. And the second rule is to read as much as possible and learn new things.

On the blog, I publish many interesting articles about sports nutrition, as more and more people ask me: is it possible to eat this or that? what if i try sports food? how often should you drink it? will I grow up here? and if you drink it won’t fall off here? and which one to choose? The answers to all these questions, I decided to collect in one place, and you will find answers not only to these questions, but to many others.

They are also often asked to show exercises for a particular muscle group or exercises on various simulators. Do you know all the existing exercises? If you do, then tell me, I don’t know everyone, but I know a lot. And my task here is to share my knowledge and experience, to tell and show how to do it right.

To teach this is my secondary task, and in the first place I have a task to make people look beautiful and sporty, to give a good kick, to stir up and direct. Perhaps you also need a good kick to get off the couch?

Consider the task of a blog is to give a good kick!

If you want to change your life, start by changing your appearance. As they say – a healthy mind in a healthy body. And read the article on how to motivate yourself for sports.

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