Benefits of Boxing for Females: Pros and Cons of Boxing for Women

Dr. Susan Evans
benefits of boxing for females

Fitness Boxing for females is quite a trend that is gaining popularity. “FitBox” as it is known, is currently steadily gaining popularity among adherents of a healthy lifestyle. First of all, this direction is interesting due to the fact that it includes a very effective set of exercises for all muscle groups, burns a large number of calories and allows you to put the body in order in a short space of time. In addition, the fitness boxing program includes exercises in which there is the possibility of high-quality training of strikes, which means that this will allow you to feel more confident and protect yourself in an unpleasant situation. And also such training allows you to relieve accumulated stress well. By the way, you can now do fitness boxing at home. There is an online fitness boxing home workout course on the internet.

What is Fitness Boxing for Females?

Fitbox took all the best from classic boxing that can be useful to a wide range of people who lead a healthy lifestyle, but do not want to devote themselves to a hard sport. Therefore, almost any person can engage in such a direction in fitness, regardless of age, gender and physical fitness. Although, of course, a more athletic person will find exercise in fitness boxing easier than a beginner. But here a lot depends on the given load.

During sports training, a boxer trains the whole body, does a large number of exercises, which allows him to work out all of the muscles and prepare the body for heavy loads. Running, jumping rope, push-ups, stretching, work with weights and a projectile objects, although this is not the whole list of exercises included in the boxer’s training plan. Fitness boxing, leaving all this to itself, made boxing as a sport more accessible, allowing anyone to pick up the load on their own. At the same time, the fitness boxing itself for women is no longer a sport, it is a special direction in fitness. In general, there are more pluses than minuses in fitness boxing.

benefits of boxing for women

Pros of Boxing for Women

Teaches Self-Defense Techniques

The elements of martial arts are preserved in the fitness box. Striking technique, working with anaerobic impact force, defending and avoiding a direct attack, dodging, diving, methods of movement when attacking the enemy, all of this can come in handy during self-defense, if it was ever needed.

Gives Self-Confidence

Working with the formulation of a fighting blow will give you a sense of self-confidence and your strengths, even if you are not going to try yourself in street fights. It is just that inner calmness, willpower is developed, character is tempered, “the spirit of a fighter” appears. The person becomes more stress-resistant.

Helps to Let Off Steam

In our life, rush jobs and force majeure often occur. Fitness boxing allows you to throw out all the accumulated negative energy. Increased physical exertion on the whole body, as well as working with a projectile, very well help to cope with bad emotions, to think about how to solve the problem, or vice versa, to distract and give the head a “rest”, so that later with new mental strength to start looking for a way out of this situation.

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Cheers Up

A full workout gives pleasant fatigue throughout the body and an uplifting mood. This happens, firstly, due to psychological relief and secondly, because during physical exertion, the body produces substances that are responsible for well-being, and the blood is saturated with more oxygen.

Develops Personality

A person who gains confidence in himself and his strength through training, will not be able to mark time for a long time. He will definitely want to achieve something more, in any area, not just in the sports direction. Therefore, one should not underestimate the importance of harmonious physical development of a person for his personal growth.

Has an Ideal Training System

In boxing, training is designed to develop the entire body of an athlete, while maintaining a high intensity of load on all muscle groups. There is nothing here that would be overlooked by trainers when designing a training course for a boxer. Development of plasticity, speed of reaction, endurance, strength. During the classes, the motor, cardiovascular and respiratory apparatus are trained. Simultaneous movements of the arms and legs are practiced, a person learns to control the whole body at a fast pace, learns to coordinate movements, quickly deciding which movement will be performed next.

Develops Abilities

Separately, it is worth noting the development of a person’s personal qualities during boxing, such as; the ability to independently and quickly make decisions, not to be afraid of pain, fatigue, or the enemy. And also boxing training teaches you how to play and learn from it useful lessons. As already noted, fitness boxing has left all the best from this type of martial arts, allowing you to choose the required load for almost any person.

Tidies Up the Body in a Short Time

Having a high intensity of load on all muscle groups, fitness boxing allows you to:

  • Lose weight quickly;
  • Tighten sagging muscles;
  • Work out the core;
  • Improve the silhouette of the figure;
  • Develop plasticity.

During one hour of training in the gym, you can lose at least 1000 kilocalories. By the way, cycling is 300-700 kcal per hour, an hour of power aerobics burns up to 800 kcal, running for an hour takes 500-800 kcal, an hour step aerobics only 400-500 kcal. This proves the great efficiency of fitness boxing in the fight for a beautiful figure.

But, first of all, fitness boxing is, of course, a matter of taste and desire of a person. However, fitness boxing for women also has a number of disadvantages.

cons of boxing for women

Cons of Boxing for Women

Risk of Injury

If safety precautions are not followed during training, you can harm your health by getting bruises or sprains of muscles, joints and ligaments. To avoid this, you need to strictly follow the instructions of the coach when performing any task.

Getting Masculine in Your Figure

If you are too fanatical about training in fitness boxing, then there is a possibility of overtraining your body, as a result of which it will acquire a more masculine shape. This will happen as a result of strong growth and development of the muscles in the calves, thighs, chest, shoulders, triceps and biceps brachii, trapezius and latissimus dorsi. It is because of these well-formed muscle groups that the male body has its own silhouette, which differs from the female one.

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Loss of Femininity

Do not be too scared, as this is possible only if you are too obsessed with fitness boxing, which is not expected by the training program itself. But with an incorrectly chosen system of physical activity and psychologically too strong immersion in classes, the body produces a lot of excess testosterone hormone, which is responsible for aggressive, male behavior. Along with this, rude behavior appears in communication, femininity disappears, movements and gait become sharper.

What Does Fitness Boxing for Women Include?

General Gymnastics and Physical Training

Running, warm-up, general developmental physical exercises with your own weight, additional weight (weights for the legs and arms, barbell, dumbbells and weights), training on simulators. It is necessary for the growth of muscle mass and fat loss, training of body muscles and the development of endurance and strength.

Rope Work

This is one of the most important points in training. The rope not only strengthens the leg muscles and develops endurance, but also trains the brain, developing body coordination, simultaneous well-coordinated work of the arms and legs. All this is necessary for the subsequent work on practicing strikes and defense.

Stretching Exercises

First of all, stretching complexes are necessary for the development of flexibility and plasticity of muscles and ligaments. Stretching is required for subsequent successful work on the apparatus.

Shadow Boxing

Simulation exercises, or, as they are also called, shadow boxing, combining boxing and aerobics, train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and the musculoskeletal system. Such trainings develop, first of all, the strength and accuracy of the blow, endurance and agility, plasticity and mobility of the body, quick reaction and quick wits. During shadow boxing, the load falls on almost all muscle groups, the intensity of the session is high.

boxing workout for women

Working with a Punching Bag

A bag is an indispensable attribute of a boxer’s training. Therefore, exercises with a bag take pride of place in fitness boxing. During training on such a projectile, the technique of the correct blow is taught, training in accuracy, strength and speed of applying single and a series of blows, from different sides such as; direct blow, lateral, long-range or uppercuts. In addition, while working on the bag, whole bundles of movements are practiced. For example, attack, defense (step back or shoulder support), counterattack, dodge or dive, avoidance of a blow.

Working with a bag is a great way to develop strength and speed endurance, to learn how to calculate the force of impact of both hands, to take into account the situation and the distance at which you are from the “enemy”, to make decisions in a rapidly changing environment. Depending on the impacts being practiced, bags of various shapes can be used, including moving in a circle, but in most sports clubs, bulk bags are still available with a universal shape.

Working with a Pear

Pears are different, like boxing bags, depending on the pursued purpose of the training. A loose bag with sand or sawdust, heavy and tough, very similar to a boxing bag. Pears with other fillings (water, peas, etc.) are lighter, softer and more mobile.

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There is also a separate type of pears; a pneumatic pear and a pinchball or a ball (pear), suspended by one elastic band from the ceiling and the other attached to the floor. The difference between shells in mass, stiffness and amplitude of movements when hitting them, helps during training on them to better learn how to calculate the force and pace of the blows, make a series of blows in motion, learn to hit in different directions, in the head, body, or deceive the enemy.

Working with a Wall Pillow

The wall pillow is a special boxing equipment that helps to develop strength potential and endurance, coordination and accuracy of movements.

Hanging Ball Handling

Punchball is an exercise with a suspended tennis or medicine ball (speedball), which is attached in various ways at the level of the trainee’s head. On it single blows from the bottom-side and uppercuts are practiced. This projectile is necessary to train the accuracy of hitting the target.

Work on Legs with a Personal Trainer

Punching is required in order for the instructor to be able to control the learning process, record progress and notice the student’s mistakes in time, until they become a work style and later have to be retrained. Working with the paws also helps to develop automaticity, coordination and accuracy of movements, the strength and speed of strikes, to practice not only attack skills, but methods of defense, such as slopes, dives, stands.

fitness boxing for females

Should a Females do Fitness Boxing?

Based on the disadvantages listed above, we can conclude that in all training you need measure and too much diligence is not always good. At the same time, if you observe the golden mean in the classroom, then in fitness boxing there are objectively fewer minuses than pluses. But, nevertheless, they are quite serious, so it is fair to take them into account.

Given the above, we can conclude that fitness boxing is a game type of boxing and not even an amateur level of sport. The most important difference between fitness boxing and boxing, is the absence of mandatory sparring in it, that is, confrontation with the opponent, as a necessary part of the program. This means that there will be no serious injuries, bruises or abrasions.

Therefore, a fitness boxing for females is ideal. This direction is good for those who dream to engage in martial arts, but are afraid, or simply do not want an open clash with an opponent in the ring.

The fitness boxing program includes several types of exercises with special equipment. And also, if you wish, you can work in tandem with a partner.

During such intense exercises, a large amount of energy is consumed, therefore, for the success of the lesson and in order to avoid health problems, it is strictly forbidden to diet on a training day. The meal itself should be 2 hours before the start of classes in the hall. People with diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system, should refrain from this direction in fitness, since such power loads can provoke a deterioration in their well-being.

Fitness boxing is not an exciting workout for everyone, but with the help of this fresh direction, you can develop willpower, become a self-confident person and quickly build a beautiful body.

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