Terms & Conditions

1.1. General Provisions

These rules are valid for the entire DrSusan90210.com site, unless otherwise agreed separately. Ignorance of these and other site rules not only does not relieve you of liability for violation of them, but in itself is a violation and aggravating circumstance. These rules can be changed or supplemented due to the occurrence of circumstances that are not considered in these rules. For violations of these rules, some penalties may be applied to the user.

1.2 General rules

Any activity illegal in the United States is prohibited:
Discussion and propaganda of terrorism and any illegal actions stipulated by the laws of the United States.
Discussion of making explosives, references to similar materials or instructions for making.
Discussion or planning of murder, theft, robbery, as well as any help in this, in any form.
Discussion of drug trafficking and drug use, smoking mixtures. And also mentions or links to sites, the content of which can help in finding places of sale of drugs.
Information technology crimes (hacking, phishing, copyright infringement).
Pornography, coprophilia, pedophilia, bestiality in any form.
Incitement of interethnic, racial, religious or any other hatred (enmity).

Section 2. Registering and Setting up a User Profile

2.1. check in

It is prohibited:

specifying a non-existent email address;
registration of several accounts;
fake profiles of other users;
selection of passwords for other people's accounts.
Punishment: ban or deletion of the account.

2.2. Username

It is prohibited:

use of names similar to the names of other users of the site;
the use of service characters in the name (not letters or numbers);
the use of names, almost entirely consisting of numbers;
use of website addresses as the name.

Punishment: forced username change.

Recommended: use short, well-remembered character combinations that are somehow related to you.

2.3. Avatar

It is prohibited:

the use of avatars already installed by someone on this site;
frequent change of the avatar (more often than once a month).

Punishment: deleting an avatar, in case of repeated violation – blocking the choice of an avatar.

Recommended: Use your photo or other memorable image as an avatar.

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