Basic Gym Exercises for Women are The Key to Effective Workout

Dr. Susan Evans
basic gym exercises for women

Basic gym exercises for women allow them to develop an aesthetic physique and pump up in the right places. Isolated exercises in this regard cannot be compared with the basic ones, since they do not promote as much muscle mass and muscle mass, in reasonable quantities, is necessary even for women. Women in general gain muscle mass less efficiantly and slower than men, so they need not be afraid and more motivated to “pump”. But there are some peculiarities here.

Why Should Women Do Basic Exercises?

Women at all times wanted to have a slim, fit figure. Huge muscles are in no way associated with the ideals of female beauty. If you look at women who are engaged in professional bodybuilding, then, for most people, they only cause disgust.

The big misconception of women is that if they engage in large weights (relatively large by their standards) in basic exercises, they will immediately become covered with muscle bumps and will look like those very women with huge muscles. But this is not the case!

You can’t get that layer of muscle just by doing a couple of sets of barbell squats. And even if you regularly train like this, then, in fact, nothing will happen either. In the best case, you will gain a few pounds of muscle mass and it will visually only benefit you. Especially if you have a thin physique.

If you are overweight, then you need to solve this problem, first of all, with the help of a low-carb diet. Even so, basic exercises won’t hurt you at all.

features of workouts for women

Why Do Women Need Muscle Mass?

The fact is that women, by their nature, gain muscle mass very, very badly. Because, first of all, the male sex hormone testosterone is responsible for this, which this hormone is found only in very small amounts within the female body.

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Not even all men can easily take and gain muscle mass. For them, this too, is often a big problem. Although men have much more testosterone in their bodies. Women, on the other hand, should not worry at all that they will become too massive from training with basic exercises.

The secret of those pictured women bodybuilders is that they are taking anabolic steroids. That is, they artificially introduce synthetic analogues of testosterone into their body and this is what allows them to gain such muscle mass and turn half into men at the hormonal level (there is such a thing as virilization).

Thin women often look like hangers. And they just need to be overgrown with meat in order to create appetizing forms for themselves in the right places. This cannot be done without basic exercises with decent weight loads.

Even if a girl is overweight, then the ideal option for her would be to burn those extra pounds of fat and instead gain a few pounds of muscle mass.

Features of Workouts for Women

As we already said, the ideals of beauty are different for women and men. Women do not need a lumpy back, huge biceps and triceps, visible from the front of the trapezius and the broadest physique.

In decreasing the order of importance in women, the following body parts can be distinguished:

  • The gluteal muscles (round and toned buttocks without excess fat make men ecstatic);
  • Legs (legs should not be pumped, but match-legs are also not quoted);
  • Chest (no comment);
  • Waist (slender, narrow waist and flat belly look extremely aesthetically pleasing for women).
basic women's exercises at the gym

Basic Gym Exercises for Women

Glute Exercises

Basic exercises are suitable for the gluteal muscles, such as:

  • Squats
  • Deadlift
  • Leg Press
  • Lunges
  • Hack Squats

Hack squats are traditionally considered an exercise that allows you to shift the emphasis of the load on the quadriceps, but with a certain technique and positioning of the legs, as well as due to the muscular feeling, it is possible to shift the emphasis to the gluteal muscles. This also applies to other exercises.

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Leg Exercises

It just so happens that the same exercises can be used for the legs as for the buttocks, since they are basic, in them, by default, several muscle groups are involved simultaneously within this workout.

Chest Exercises

For the pectoral muscles, women have their own specifics. The fact is that a girl’s chest is, first of all, not muscles but, so to speak, a fatty “bag”, under which are the pectoral muscles. The size and shape of this “bag” is difficult to change with exercise. It depends on genetics, age, childbirth, amount of body fat, etc.

Exercises can only slightly pump up the pectoral muscles located under the chest itself and due to this, slightly increase and possibly, lift the chest.

Therefore, various types of presses are suitable for the pectoral muscles for women, such as; bench press lying on a horizontal bench, on an incline bench, and on an incline bench upside down.

Frankly, for women, the classic bench press on a horizontal bench would be the best and most versatile option. It makes little sense to spread your efforts on different types of bench press.

For men, this makes sense, since in men you can distinguish a developed top and bottom of the chest. In women, this difference will be imperceptible and in the pumped upper chest there is no aesthetic meaning at all.

Don’t Train Your Waist

The secret to a slender waist for women is NOT TO TRAIN it. The more you train it, the more load it experiences, the more it will develop the muscle corset of your waist and the more its circumference will increase.

In fact, this principle contradicts the fact that you are advised to use exercises that statically load the waist to train your legs and buttocks. There can be two solutions here:

  • Use a leg press in the machine (it removes the load from the lower back). But not every gym has such a simulator.
  • Wear a weightlifting belt when exercising with heavy weights to reduce intra-abdominal pressure and reduce stress on the waist muscle.
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The second most important secret of a slim waist is diet.

basic gym workout for women

Basic Gym Workout for Women

Now that we have figured out what, why and how it is best to train, let’s try to create one of the possible basic training programs in the gym for females athletes.

We offer the following training option for beginners:

  • Leg Press Machine: 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps;
  • Incline Bench Press: 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps;
  • Lunges on one leg with dumbbells: 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions in turn on each leg alternately.

This will be enough for the first time. It should come as no surprise that there are only three exercises here. This is totally normal. Muscles do not grow from great fatigue, but from power stress.

When pressing with your legs in the simulator, try to put your legs as close to the edge of the platform as possible (bring forward), and perform the effort evenly distributing the load between the legs and buttocks.

When doing lunges, also try to distribute the load more or less evenly. The secret of basic exercises is the coordinated work of several muscle groups at the same time. For isolation, we could use isolated exercises rather than basic exercises.

The workout can be done 2-3 times a week. It is advisable to follow a diet. If you wish, you can additionally spend 1-2 times a weekcardio training (but on other days).

It is important to increase your working weights as you adapt.

If you do not have suitable equipment in the gym (dumbbells, leg press machine), then you can try to compose a program yourself from the proposed exercises. Just do not try to include all exercises at the same time in your program. More is not better. Observe reasonable sufficiency.

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