Frog Crunches Exercise: Benefits & How To Do Guide

Dr. Susan Evans
frog crunches

Frog Crunches are one of the varieties of exercises for the abs. It will help to make the stomach flat, tone the muscles and add variety to the usual workouts. The exercise has two most common variations.

The Benefits of Frog Crunches

Frog Crunches, like any other abs exercises, involves all of the abdominal muscles at once. The rectus muscle receives the greatest load. With good development, it is the segments of this muscle, separated by tendon bridges, that form six packs. In men, these packs are more visible due to the lower amount of subcutaneous fat. For women, the drawn relief is more difficult to achieve, however, if desired, nothing is impossible. However, for many girls, a flat stomach and a slim figure are much more important than a prominent musculature feature.

When performing Frog Crunches, not only are the rectus abdominis muscle is involved, but also the internal and external obliques. You should perform this exercise with a turn of the body from side to side if you want to give these muscles a greater load.

Exercises for abs should be performed 20-30 times in this approach (if you do not do 20, then as many as you can). Do at least three sets. The abs must burn and work until they hit fatigue. Many stop performing the exercise when the first symptoms of muscle fatigue appear. But in the case of abdominal muscles, you need to try to do a maximum of repetitions, despite the burning sensation. But if you feel unpleasant sensations in the lower back or neck, you should stop the exercise and once again familiarize yourself with the technique. If your abs burn, your technique is correct, if any other muscles burn, you have lost your correct form and must stop, as this exercise will become pointless as it is working the wrong muscles.

frog crunches exercise

How to Do Frog Crunches?

Consider the two versions of Frog Crunches below. In the first case, the body is twisted, and the emphasis of the load falls on the upper and middle part of the rectus abdominis. In the second version, the pelvis is twisted and the lower abs works the most.

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The Version with the Body Twist

  1. Lie down on the floor or on the gym mat. Put your hands behind your head. Bend your legs at the knees, put your feet on the floor with the soles close to each other, and spread your knees to the sides as wide as possible. Tighten your abs and press your lower back against the floor. It remains in this position throughout the entire exercise. That is, you cannot move the lower back from the mat;
  2. On the exhalation, perform a torsion of the body forward due to the work of the abdominal muscles. The shoulder blades at the same time come off the floor by no more than 10-15 centimeters. There is no movement in the hip joint. You don’t need to fully lift the body. With your hands on the head from behind, try not to press on your head and concentrate on the work of the abdominal muscles taking the working load;
  3. As you inhale, lower the body to the starting position, but do not relax your abs.

The Version with a Pelvis Twist

  1. In the starting position, you are lying on your back, legs extended, back pressed against the mat. For convenience, the palms can be placed under the buttocks. This will help you control the pinned position of the back when twisting the pelvis. Tighten your abs and lift your legs a few inches off the floor;
  2. On the exhalation: twist your pelvis and pull your knees towards your shoulders. During the ascent, spread your knees to the side;
  3. When inhale: return to the starting position.
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With this version of the Frog Crunches, the lower abs work the most.

Common Mistakes

Try not to make the following mistakes when performing any Frog Crunches:

  • Jerks with the body or legs. All movements should be smooth and controlled.
  • Do not lift the body high from the floor. You do twists, and lifting the torso is another exercise.
  • There should be no deflection in the back. You’ve already done the maximum if you can’t do another rep without arching your lower back.
  • Often, when performing body twists, there is a desire to put pressure on the head with your hands. By doing so, you are supposedly helping yourself to rise. This is a misconception, as you will only harm the spine in this process.
  • Exhale with effort and inhale while relaxing. Improper breathing will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the exercise and motion.

Following these simple recommendations, you will be able to work out the muscles of the abdomen and make your figure slim, and the muscles will become more toned and beautiful.

You can try Oblique Twists, Bicycle Crunches and Roman Chair Twist in addition to Frog Crunches. There are many exercises for the abs, the main thing is to perform them regularly, then the results will not take long to come!

Frequently Asked Question

What are Frog Crunches?

Frog Crunch exercises are a type of twisting that is done lying on the floor or on a training bench. It is often included in fitness workouts to strengthen and dry the abdominal muscles as well as lightly stretch the inner thighs.

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What Muscles do Frog Crunches Work?

The exercise allows you to work out the lower part of the body in a complex way, strengthening the muscles and improving flexibility. This will help to strengthen these muscles ready for the bigger and more intensive exercises.

What are the Negative Effects of Frog Crunches?

Frog Crunches are a fairly safe exercise. However, when it is performed, the pressure in the abdominal cavity increases. Therefore, it is contraindicated in recent operations. Women should not train their abs immediately after giving birth. Be careful about the exercise and strictly follow the technique in the presence and watch out for any problems that may occur to the spine through an incorrect technique.

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