10 Best Bodyweight Crossfit Workouts (WODs)

Dr. Susan Evans

You don’t always need a barbell or dumbbell to perform any high-intensity workouts. If you didn’t pay enough attention to endurance and gymnastics, then bodyweight crossfit workouts can be the hardest test of performance for your body. “Chelsea Crossfit WOD has proven that it is possible to achieve a powerful […]

Jay Cutler: Back Workouts for Men (2021)

Dr. Susan Evans

The main problem of back workouts for men, is that few people know the main secret of Jay Cutler: the back should be loaded extremely well and intensive. The main thing here is overcoming power and more importantly the pain! This means that difficult exercises like pull-ups or heavy rows […]

How to Workout at the Gym for Beginners?

Dr. Susan Evans

Common mistakes beginners make are lack of a training plan and improper exercise technique. It’s good if you have a competent mentor, but not all amateurs can afford individual professional advice. And not all teachers are qualified enough and interested in the result and ready to delve into the client’s problems. Just because […]

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