Hammer exercises: How to pump up the brachialis

The hammer exercise is a bodybuilding classic. Simple, straightforward and effective, just like the hammer itself. So why is the neutral grip dumbbell curl so seldom done in favor of other, more fashionable hand exercises? And, because few people know about its unique features, as well as about the small brachial muscle called […]

How and why to train your hands?

Not everyone understands how and why you need to swing your hands, because when we mention arms, we first of all think about biceps and triceps. As a result, the training process does not affect the wrists, they become a lagging muscle group and inhibit progress, making it impossible to work […]

Hand exercises at home

When losing weight through diets without sufficient exercise, girls often get thin bodies with ugly saggy skin. This is especially noticeable on the hands, as on the part of the body that is least loaded in women. A special set of exercises for the arms, will help to get a proportional body […]

Gym deltoid exercises: The best choice

Dr. Susan Evans

Every man dreams of having broad shoulders. Deltoid exercises in the gym allow you to achieve this. Let’s look at the features of shoulder training, exercises for them and also a possible program option for their regular and systematic training. Shoulder workouts in the gym for men First of all, you should understand […]

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