Abdominal exercises in the gym


The abdominal muscles are a relatively small group of muscles. For this reason, it can be trained almost anywhere: At home, on the sports ground, or in the gym. There are a lot of exercises for this, from simple hanging leg raises, which everyone remembers from physical education lessons at school, to […]

Basic gym exercises for girls


Basic exercises in the gym for girls allow them to develop an aesthetic physique and pump up in the right places. Isolated exercises in this regard cannot be compared with the basic ones, since they do not promote as much muscle mass and muscle mass, in reasonable quantities, is necessary even for […]

Gym deltoid exercises: The best choice


Every man dreams of having broad shoulders. Deltoid exercises in the gym allow you to achieve this. Let’s look at the features of shoulder training, exercises for them and also a possible program option for their regular and systematic training. Shoulder workouts in the gym for men First of all, you should understand […]

What should be a beginner’s gym workout?


Common mistakes beginners make are lack of a training plan and improper exercise technique. It’s good if you have a competent mentor, but not all amateurs can afford individual professional advice. And not all teachers are qualified enough and interested in the result and ready to delve into the client’s problems. Just because […]

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