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She’s helped transform my skin! As a woman in Hollywood, I was always worried about small breakouts. Her products along with the ingredients in my products transformed my skin into what it is today!

Dr. Susan 90210



Meet Dr. Susan 90210

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Susan Spell Evans, MD, is an internationally acclaimed health and beauty expert and director of dermatology at her celebrity filled Beverly Hills practice.  Dr. Susan is one of Oprah’s and Dr. Oz’s healthy skin and beauty experts. Her unique background, which includes internal medicine dermatology, from Harvard Medical School, Atlanta University Center, and New York University equips her with expertise in overall health, skin, and beauty.

Dr. Susan, is former business partners of Guthy | Renker, makers of Proactiv acne solution, for Dr. Susan’s brand.

Dr. Susan, a mother of four, is featured physician on the E! network series Dr. 90210. She frequently provides her input as the health and beauty expert, commentator, or contributor on The Dr. Oz Show, web MD, The Oprah Winfrey ShowExtra Life-Changers, Essence, CNN, The Today Show, The Doctors show, and Good Morning America. Dr. Susan has offered her health and beauty tips in many mainstream magazines, including PeopleParentHealth, WWD, Harper’s Bazaar, India West, and sister2sister magazine.

Dr. Susan is known as the dynamic, compassionate, down-to-earth skin doctor whose expertise has been shared within the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area, as well as several countries. Dr. Susan is an innovative skin line creator who addresses all skin types. She wants everyone’s health to be its best and for their skin to show it!

Dr. Susan is co-founder of the Skin Deformities and Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization. The program’s goal is to work toward repairing at every level, brightening smiles, and helping others become complete.

All About

Dr. Susan 90210

Beverly Hills Dermatologist
& Dermatologist to the stars
My mission is to help people feel good about their skin and shine bright with the smiles it'll bring to them.
Dr. Susans
Dr. Susan has proven results for all types of skin. When nothing else works, Dr. Susan does.
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